• Evelyn Chou: Question for all my friends in ‪#‎consulting‬: what exactly is it that you deliver? Someone recently told me that he wants to "play a consulting role" because consultation doesn't require execution.
  • Consulting, in my own humble opinion, should be knowledge and expertise based on solid ability to execute (or, articulate the actual execution.) Did I miss anything? How can someone who doesn't know how to do things in the first place play a consulting role??
  • I felt when I talk about consultation, there is a relevance between that and strategy. But strategy to me is more like an ideation based on market research and user studies, consulting is more around implementation, which requires execution skills. What do you think?
  • Me: I don't see consulting as separate, rather a type of engagement. (For example, I've consulted on strategy for businesses in which I'm not directly employed.)
  • Strategy requires strong knowledge of implementation in my opinion. It's weak without it and, frankly, why so many digital executions are weak (done by non-digital natives).
  • Also, strategy extends behind ideation. It's a roadmap for achieving objectives.
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Raise your hand if this situation sounds familiar: Halfway through a project you’re working on, you realize you might be prioritizing something that is n’t quite  the right solution.

Whether you create products, digital experiences or even marketing plans, our Marcus Castenfors, associate creative director, experience design, discusses how the human needs model can help steer your project back in the right direction.

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The adventures and misadventures of the creative industries

Be ambitious. Not thirsty.

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If the task of “creating a world” sounds like a monumental feat, this ultra-brief breakdown is designed to assist in making the results monumental rather than the process. We want to inspire you to begin thinking of your brand differently and identify immediate ways to market your business more effectively.

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If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language. - David Ogilvy

Anthony Bourdain Talks Travel, Food, and War on Blogs of War

Anthony Bourdain: It is a constant series of surprises, of having everything I thought I knew turned upside down. People nearly everywhere have been lovely to me. …

I used to think that basically, the whole world, that all humanity were basically bastards. I’ve since found that most people seem to be pretty nice—basically good people doing the best they can.