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  • From Facebook Developers: Here’s a clear explanation of the Growth charts in App Insights. The Growth Accounting chart helps you determine exactly what is driving user growth by separating installs, uninstalls, stale users, revived users, and retained users. The Triangle Heatmap chart is available for apps with more than 25,000 monthly active users and shows how different cohorts of new users remain engaged over time and patterns that indicate what has affected engagement. (source)

    October 20
  • "But authenticity doesn’t mean a brand can’t be bold. With “Grit and Grace,” both Cole Haan and The New York Times come out winners by prioritizing high production value and ensuring that the integrity of the story—a profile piece on ballet dancers at heart—remains intact. It’s a study in secret rituals, everything from how ballerinas prepare and personalize their pointe shoes to their relentless efforts to maintain their bodies. It’s a beautiful feature, but what sets it apart is that it would be beautiful whether it was paid for by an advertiser or not.”

    The New York Times Takes Native Advertising to the Next Level With Cole Haan, Contently

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  • Robin Hanson “Why we believe" via Almighty (via peterspear)

    > This has frustrated me for years.

  • "The fact that people aren’t very interested in the accuracy of their pundits suggests we usually give a high priority to presentation style."
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  • "How you feel about voicemail is largely generational. People who haven’t hit 40 don’t get why their parents and other olds don’t just text or let a missed call speak for itself. In some cases it’s an argument of etiquette. One side says voicemail is obnoxious. The other argues it’s rude not to leave one. It’s actually neither. Voicemail is great. Voicemail is essential."
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    Millennial Moms frequently turn to mobile phones while shopping to do things like take pictures of products (50%), text family or friends (39%) and send product photos to others (40%).

    “Combining mobile with the in-store experience is really the strongest use of mobile,” she said, making it incumbent on retailers and CPG companies to link their apps to real world shopping habits.

  • October 13
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  • Gareth Kay “The post-disruptive advertising era" warc sub req’d (via peterspear)


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    We keep trying to make brands more human, but more humans are rejecting brands.

    I’ve come to believe that this failure of brands (and of advertising) is down to us blindly believing that brands that are more human are better. To my knowledge, there is little, if any, evidence that supports this.

  • "In 2010, eBay embarked on a journey to bring more women into its top ranks. It found that commitment, measurement, and culture outweigh a business case and HR policies."
  • October 8
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  • Tips for content marketers trying to reach millennials

    The Yahoo/DigitasLBi/Razorfish/Tumblr study included a list of tips for content marketers trying to reach this dream demo [Millennials] :

    1. Set the mood. Give them a repository for a particular emotion, or bond over a universal human experience.
    2. Help them escape by giving them a glimpse of the good life, inspiring them, and “reinforcing the millennial values of embracing life and finding happiness along the off-roaded path to adulthood.”
    3. Fuel creativity and play with absurdist mash-ups, artistic installations and carefully curated memes that are the tight fit for a brand’s attributes.
    4. Spotlight pop culture, especially using nostalgia nods, superfandom and celebrity musings.
    5. Help them succeed with how-tos, lifehacks and any content experience that makes them feel smarter.
    6. Help them discover things and see topics in a new light, which “taps into millennials’ desire for discovery.”  

    Source: Attention Brands: This Is How You Get Millennials to Like You / Looking at what resonates with most marketers’ dream demo

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  • "Most boards are devoid of marketers."